April has been a spectacular month here at the church. We have already had Easter, Kid's Day and our 76th Anniversary. Bro. Bynum and Bro. Lindbloom were a tremendous blessing, as they opened God's Word and shared the message God laid on their hearts. What a way to start our 76th year, good preaching, a soul saved and believers added to the church through Scriptural baptism. Please plan to be with us the remainder of April, as we have special services continuing with:



Rev. and Mrs. Merlo will be joining us Wednesday, April 29 to present their field. You will be blessed by being in our services this night, starting at 7:00 to see how God is using them in a mighty way to reach the country of Argentina.


Do you remember how it felt to come home after being away for awhile? At Bible Baptist, we are waiting for you to come home. You have a family that is waiting for you to walk through the front door to worship with us. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming as we assure you, you will not find a friendlier or more loving church in the world. We take pride in knowing that we are serving our Lord, as we follow the leadership of our Pastor, Rev. Terry Chick. We would love for you to come and join us during our regularly scheduled services, which can be found to the right, so we can say "WELCOME HOME!".


Spring has sprung! The temperatures are perfect  to serve the Lord. Much can be done in visitation, soul winning, church attendance and much more with this new season. We would like to personally invite you to come join us this Sunday Morning at 10 and then again, Sunday Evening, at 6 for another special service. The Lord has blessed with souls saved, believers baptized, and families added to our church. We would like to encourage you to keep the momentum going as we reach the Enid area for the cause of Christ.


If you are looking for a church that loves singles to families, and babies to senior adults, Bible Baptist is where you will want to be. Our desire is to live by a Godly vision and not circumstances, as we strive to reach Enid and the world for the cause of Christ. The only thing we are missing is YOU! Come join us Sundays at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, then again Wednesday evening at 7:00.







Upcoming Events

  • April 26

    Sunday School
    10:00 AM

    Sunday School is a time where we can grow as Christians. We have classes for all ages and invite you to come to Sunday School at 10:00 AM.

    Morning Worship
    10:50 AM

    It is truly an honor to be able to praise our Lord in our worship service. As the first worship service of the week, we meet together and sing praises to the Lord, and have a message from our pastor, Rev. Terry Chick. We would like for you to join us as we worship together at 10:50 AM.

    Assisted Living Service
    2:00 PM

    Assisted Living services will be held today at Greenbrier at 2:00 PM.

    Evangelistic Service
    6:00 PM

    Just like Sunday morning, Sunday evening is a worship service also. We would like to invite you to learn with us through our special study by our pastor, Dr. T. A. Chick, starting at 6:00 PM.

  • April 28

    Church Visitation
    7:00 PM

    Although visitation goes on throughout the week, we meet together as a church at 7:00 PM to reach the city of Enid for the cause of Christ.

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